Our Services

At Asthma and Allergy Center, we provide full evaluations and treatments for a wide variety of allergic conditions, including asthma and sinus disease.


Our Services Include

Allergy diagnosis
Comprehensive allergy testing (Pets, Foods, Pollens, Medications, and more)
Allergy skin patch testing (for contact dermatitis)
Lung function analysis
Nitric Oxide Inflammation Analysis
Allergen Immunotherapy (allergy shots)
Sublingual (oral) allergy desensitization

We Diagnose and Treat

Hay fever (allergic rhinitis)
Sinus disease (sinusitis)
Asthma (Both Allergy & Exercise induced)
Food allergies
Insect/Venom allergies
Medication/antibiotic allergies
Immune deficiency

Skin Allergies
  • Hives (urticaria)
  • Swelling (angioedema)
  • Eczema (Atopic dermatitis)
  • Contact dermatitis

If you have any questions about our services, give us a call at (972) 221-9162 today!